How George works

george-metcalfe-2007-016aListening – He’s a terrific listener.

Empathy – The key to a good coach. Coaching is so personal and works at such deep levels, it’s vital that you feel comfortable with a coach. And that the coach has the capacity to see things from your point of view. George takes an intense interest in other people and derives great joy from them.

Challenging – A coach has to walk the path of being both respectful of a client and challenging them to develop. Coaching is not an easy option. Its success depends on the individual’s willingness to recognise self-limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour and to change those to approaches which better serve them. George will move you to your comfort zone – and then beyond, but if the commitment is there, the rewards are huge.

Firm – George will keep you on track if you look like wandering.

Kindness – George coaches with kindness and cares compassionately about his clients. Either one of his shoulders is always available to cry on.

Fun – A sense of excitement and discovery, and the use of metaphors, laughter and jokes are integral to the way George works. You should both feel wonderful at the end of a session.

Insightful – George is adept at gently teasing out the precise factors that are supporting or holding back a client, and drawing out solutions and flashes of brilliance from within them. Coaching with George is a deep and illuminating journey – a coaching session is not a place to hide.

Total support – George is completely on his clients’ side and will sweat blood for them. He will be your biggest cheerleader, supporting you to take positive action to achieve what you really want.

Openness – George is a non bull**** coach and strives for complete transparency in everything he does.

Curiosity – whether about his clients, coaching or life in general. George has a huge library of tests, documents and both coaching and non-coaching books and continues to learn – from anywhere and everywhere.

A high EQ (Emotional Quotient) – Coaches need to apply both emotional and rational intelligence. As well as an above average IQ George has an exceptionally high EQ. The fact that George has four happy and successful grown up children may also be a good indication of his Emotional Quotient.

Fatherly – Many people have complicated relationships with their fathers. Being a parent has been a huge part of George’s life and his strategy for bringing up children is one of ‘hugs and boundaries’.

Inclusive – George has coached people of many different religions and of different sexuality, and never seeks to impose his own sense of religion (C of E). However, he believes that within everyone there is an intense spiritual hunger.

Confidentiality – Coaching necessitates talking about highly intimate subjects. Confidentiality is absolutely paramount – both during the coaching period and for ever afterwards – and clients talking to George know that he will never divulge anything told to him except with their express permission.

Trust and non judgement – Closely related to the above, it’s important that you feel you can be completely honest with and offload onto a coach. Unlike partners, friends and family, who however well meaning, will inevitably have agendas and opinions of their own because of their emotional connection, George holds no judgment and works solely with your agenda. This allows you to raise issues that may be difficult to voice. You don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone. And you know that you have someone 100% on your side who wants to achieve what is genuinely best for you.

The elder bit of ‘wild elder’ – People like older coaches. They benefit from their wealth of life and business experience, and the insight and wisdom that brings. Passing years can also bring perspective, lack of pretension and a sense of humour. George has coached over 700 clients, both privately and corporately. And has, in essence, been coaching and training all his life. He has worked in over 30 countries, running businesses and advising corporations, political and business leaders, governments, sports teams and members of the public.

The wild bit of ‘wild elder’ – expect the unexpected. George is the proud owner of a Yahama FJR 1300 motorbike. He can also tell some amazing stories.

Truth and integrity – of course.

For further details please contact George +44 (0)1227 504 917 for further details .