george-metcalfeCoaching starts with making you more aware. Or as someone once described it as, “The need we need to do is to study ourselves”.

Awareness is achieved by information feedback. By conversations and intelligent open questions a coach can make you more aware of your goals, areas you want to change, the things that are holding you back, consequences, who you are, what you need, your fears, other people’s attitudes, your habitual thinking patterns, your weaknesses and, just as importantly, your strengths.

This process of gaining a whole range of ‘awarenesses’ has profound results.

You enjoy greater clarity. You see things in a new way. You may open the door to a flood of new insights. (It can even improve your golf. Miles Downey, a coach who knew little about the sport, was asked by a client to accompany him onto a golf driving range. The client wasn’t playing well, but by making him more aware of his body, Miles helped him realise he was sending his shots to the right, and his playing dramatically improved).

And only once you have achieved awareness can you make decisions and take action to change things.

It’s why George believes that coaching is all about asking the right questions:

1. Discovering what’s bugging you

George’s favourite question is “What’s bugging you?”.

The answer may be anything from a lack of sales to launching a new company to a relationship problem or worries over a child. George has found, however, that this question is much more effective in identifying the key issue in someone’s life than simply asking them what their problems are. He may then follow up by helping the client verbalise the issue, and by asking whether it might be helpful if they could together manage or eliminate whatever is causing the anxiety or annoyance.

Questions are some of the most powerful tools in a coach’s armoury. All coaches should ask questions: Are you unhappy? Are you excited? How will that affect your family? What will the result be?…… Of course, there are thousands are more. They are so important because good questions can identify and resolve obstacles and weaknesses, and help you discover the wise part of you that already knows the answers and solutions.

2. Discovering the ‘divine discontent’

Where is the part of you that wants to shine? Which part of you isn’t fully expressing itself?

Shylock’s words “If you prick us, do we not bleed?” sum up George’s belief that every human being is the same under the skin. We all have nightmares, fears, dreams and hopes, and a wonderful part of a coach’s work is not just to help people discover what’s bugging them but also to unearth their ‘divine discontent’. It’s in the very nature of being human never to rest content but always to yearn for something greater. To aim higher.

As a coach, George helps people see what’s possible for them to create in both their personal and professional lives – which is often more than the individual can see for themselves. It’s an exciting, creative, fun process. Together you embark on a magical journey that involves exploring the mysterious territory that is you. If it’s a dark journey he holds your hand. George draws on his insight and wisdom to see and coax out each person’s talents, energy and brilliance. “People take me down some fascinating roads. We’ll delve into your gut, your psyche, and pull out something wonderful. Like pulling rabbits out of hats!”

3. The ‘toolbox’

George is also able to draw on a formidable ‘toolbox’ of questionnaires, tests, tasks and programmes designed to ask questions that shift you to a higher level of awareness. Each client is invited to write an autobiography. Other ‘tools’ may involve investigating your needs and values, testing to check whether you’re moving forwards, and looking at the process of attraction – how to attract people and needs.

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