Services & Fees

A range of services

george-metcalfe-scannedaWhatever you are trying to achieve George can tailor a programme to suit your needs (or provide you with details of other coaches or professionals who can help):

• Personal Coaching

• Business Coaching

• Coaching and mentoring in organizations

• Bespoke training programmes designed to bring coaching and mentoring skills into companies that wish to enhance the performance and capabilities of employees and managers

• George’s own version of people surveys that access the huge amounts of untapped wisdom that lie within the employees, suppliers and even rivals of an organisation. The people who know what’s really going on within an organisation are often PA’s, secretaries, admin etc. This is an extremely effective way of tapping into that knowledge.

• Seminars and lectures – see Speaking

• Looking for high quality interim management? George is an associate of BCMP, providers of top level temporary executives who will ensure that all the gaps are expertly and seamlessly filled during that tricky interim period.

Contact George to discuss your personal requirements.

• Coaching can be face to face and/or by telephone depending on your location, whether in the UK or anywhere internationally,  (George is based in South London) and your preference.

• George offers both traditional one-to-one and group coaching. The latter is very popular with companies, it can mean George going into a company for an afternoon or holding a teleclass with employees across the world.

• Coaching sessions are usually about one hour.

• Clients are asked to prepare an agenda beforehand and to think out what they’d like from each session. Sessions vary according to the needs of each client but one of the many models George may use is the ‘TGROW’ (Topics, Goals, Reality, Options, Way forward)

• At the end of each session you may be given plenty of (optional) ‘homework’ and options of things to do to reinforce the efficacy of the coaching. You will also be asked for feedback.

• George encourages clients to get in touch between sessions with short ‘check-in’ phone calls or emails. If something is troubling you, you can contact him at any hour of the day or night and if he does not talk to you then, he will get back to you the next day. These services are at no additional cost.

Contact George to discuss your personal requirements.


Clients can choose to have one or as many sessions as they wish. George sees most of his clients a few times a month.

A classic standard is a 90 day relationship, with 2 or 3 sessions a month, although some problems can be solved in as little as 2 sessions.

Several clients have been with George for 5+ years, some coming back for a ‘refresher’ session every 18 months or calling on him as and when they need. (However a client must never become dependent on a coach and there is a point where the relationship becomes less intense and frequent).

Contact George to discuss your personal requirements.


Clients can choose to pay on a session by session basis, on a monthly retainer basis or on a contract basis. George believes that everyone, no matter what their situation, can benefit from a coach, and his fee structure has been designed to facilitate this. The fees below are not intended to be definitive or exhaustive but give clients a general guide to costs.

Pro bono clients (Typically people setting out on their careers.
For further details contact George) Free

Coaches £50 an hour

Non execs, self employed, small business, low paid By arrangement

Executives temporarily between jobs £80 an hour

Executives paying for themselves £150 an hour

Executives paid for by their companies £250 an hour

Typical monthly retainer (price applies whether 3 or 4 sessions) £650

Using George’s coaching services for one or more company

employees for a morning or afternoon £500

Seminars £500 – £2000

Details of other services on application. Email and phone support between sessions are at no additional cost. Clients can cancel a contract at any time with 24 hours’ notice and will have the unused portion of their fees returned.

Contact George to discuss your personal requirements.

For further details please contact George +44 [0]208 670 2122 for further details .