Why Do I Need a Coach?


george-metcalfe-blenheim-096aThe benefits of coaching apply equally to both personal and corporate coaching. For example, better communication can transform all relationships, whether the one with your boss or your spouse, leveraging your strengths is key to both career and personal ambitions, and clarity can answer questions from “Should I get a divorce?” to “Should I buy this company?” People use coaches for all kinds of purposes and each client develops their own unique relationship with George. Below are some of the wonderful things about having a coach to support and empower you:

Individual attention – You get regular personal time to focus 100% on you and your concerns, goals and dreams – something which is incredibly rare. This intensive focus coupled with total support and trust sets up a unique relationship where magic can happen.

Career success and personal fulfilment – The last few years have seen people becoming much more open about saying they want to be successful and happier – and doing something about it. Expect that, with a coach, your quality of life, both personal and professional, will be transformed. George inspires and empowers clients to move up to a higher level and to reconnect with what it means to work and play with passion.

Clarity – Do you want the promotion or more time off? What do you want to do to grow the business? Do you want to end the affair or not? Does your future lie in another country? Could that childhood dream be something more? Above all, clients use George to achieve clarity. He helps them get clarity about their values, what they want and who they are. You’ll discover what’s important to you and devise a strategy for having more of it in your life.

Recognise and leverage your strengths – It is a tragedy that while many of us are only to happy to reel out a list of our weaknesses and failings, the vast majority of people remain blind to just how talented and amazing they are. George can help you become more aware of your unique gifts and your personal magic – and how to exploit them.

Better communication – How do you talk to people? Do you find yourself struggling in a social setting? Is your lack of communication skills holding you back at work? Could you brush up your conversation to become a better networker? Do you need to learn to be more diplomatic? Or simply become a better listener?

Accelerate change – People with coaches move faster and get promoted more quickly. Whether you want to transform your personal life, your career or your business, a coach acts as a catalyst and helps you get the results you want fast.

Be empowered – Whether to negotiate a salary rise or leave a bad relationship. Big organisations can take power from people. So can unhealthy relationships. A key part of George’s work is helping clients build the emotional strength and emotional intelligence which allows them to move forward and make their own choices.

Your relationships will improve – You’ll speak with clarity and confidence. You’ll expect a higher level of honesty, respect and intimacy from those around you. You’ll have a better understanding of your needs and boundaries, and those of others. Relationships are the source of our greatest joy. And our greatest unhappiness. George can help you handle specific relationship issues within both business and personal fields. He will also help with the whole fascinating and mysterious area of relationships in general.

Increased confidence and self-esteem

Focus – Do you want to clarify and set your priorities and start working on them effectively? Some people need greater focus on what they want to achieve, in which case George will make them commit to specific goals and an action plan.

A better work life balance – People in the UK are increasingly working longer and longer hours. Whether you are starting up your own business or facing the stresses of succeeding in a corporate environment, it can be a huge challenge to balance your personal and work life. George can support you in getting back in some control over your life and in re-focusing on what is really important to you, helping you gain satisfaction and fulfilment from the whole of your life.

Become more productive – You become more organised, more efficient, more effective and more results-oriented. Many clients work less while accomplishing much more, with less stress and effort and with fewer false starts.

Eliminate tolerations, annoyances and obstacles – that waste your time and energy and ultimately hold you back. George helps people have the courage to be less tolerant! Whether it’s staff coming in late, or a child taking advantage of their parents, he helps his clients deal with it.

Enjoy more time

Conflicts resolved – group coaching is particularly suited to this.

More energy – by removing the things that drain it, for example, lack of focus, apathy, unhappiness, and mental and physical clutter.

Healthy finances – People who invest in a coach find they often have more money. Being more organised, making better decisions, being more effective at work and taking control of your finances….all of these conspire to make you wealthier.

Personal health – A greater awareness of yourself and your life includes becoming more aware of and having a better relationship with your body.

Feeling that ‘something is missing’ – Do you find yourself wondering ‘Is this it?”. Do you feel like you’ve lost touch with what really matters? Many people who on the surface seem to ‘have it all’ – the house, the job and the relationship – have a gnawing sense of inner dissatisfaction and restlessness. George will help you listen to what your soul yearns for and find the answer within yourself.

Foster entrepreneurial thinking – This can be invaluable whether you are launching your own business or simply require the chutzpah to negotiate a cheaper car or better mortgage.

Dealing with procrastination – A common and crippling problem. George can help clients overcome this form of self paralysis, which often has its roots in fear.

Aiming higher – Having someone on your side who recognises your talents and potential will challenge you to live larger and aim higher. Rather than ‘accepting your lot’ you’ll set higher, more astonishing goals and expect and pursue a fulfilling and successful life.

Help through a time of change or transition – George often meets people at a turning point in their lives. They may be ready for a new career, a new lifestyle or a new location. Or they may be going through an inner transition and wanting to work out the answers to deep questions. There is often a sense of George being part of or accompanying a client on a quest, as exemplified by Robert Browning’s poem ‘Childe Roland to the dark tower came’.

Bereavement – Following a bereavement people commonly go through a series of emotions – typically anger, disbelief, sorrow and guilt – and, furthermore, they don’t know in what order they’re going to come. After the funeral their focus will be on the practicalities of sorting affairs out, but then there’s a ‘gap’ and often a sense of deep isolation and loneliness. There are times when people are extremely sad or depressed without being mentally ill, for example, after a death and on these occasions a coach can gently guide you back to a sense of genuine reality.

Absolution – A coach is a bit like a priest. Many people find that forgiveness and self acceptance means they are released from the past and can move on. While George, unlike a priest, can’t give a formal absolution, what he can do is help a client to give themselves absolution.

And lots, lots more…..

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